our kgnu podcast: listen


We had a great time at KGNU last week and I was so appreciative of the hospitality of the crew, the sharpness of the sound team, and the enthusiasm of the Jazz & Beyond host, Sara Dee. The Boyfriend & I played a five-song set the featured music from Under the Apple, a couple of new tunes, and the beloved Disney classic Baby Mine. Sara Dee and I also talked a bit about what I’ve been up to by way of my performance calendar, buzzed about this week’s CD Launch at The b.side Lounge, chatted about my prose blog The Most Beautiful Thing, the story behind some of the songs, and why those six handsome band members are called the Boyfriend.

Get the podcast of Heather Marie Philipp & The Boyfriend at www.KGNU.org. It’s the last listing on the page for Wednesday, December 3 and can be had by simply clicking the yellow speaker icon.

Hope you enjoy it and watch for free live MP3 tracks from the broadcast on the fans-only page!

~ Heather

P.S. Not a subscriber that has access to the fans-only page? It’s free. You need only be on the email list (sign up quick).


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